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Refugees demands Sh500,000

Published on May 14, 2008, 12:00 am

By Steve Mkawale

Displaced people in Nakuru have made fresh demands to the Government, a day after the State held a fundraising for their resettlement.

They now want a minimum Sh500,000 each for those whose business premises were looted or burned down.

In addition, the displaced people want the State to pay six months’ house rent for those who were living in rental houses.

“Most of us were living in rented houses. We lost household goods. It’s only fair if the rent is paid as we start our new lives,” said Mr Richard Ndede, the spokesman for the displaced at the Afraha Stadium camp.

Ndede said most of them owned carpentry workshops, tailoring shops and Jua Kali sheds.

Majority of displaced people at the stadium were residents of Nakuru town. There are 1,200 displaced people at the stadium and 14,000 at the Nakuru Showground.

Most of them could not return to their rental houses because they were torched.

“Some landlords have repaired their houses and hiked rent,” said Ms Janet Akinyi.

She said the Government’s assumption that they were better off than those who were uprooted from their farms was wrong.

“We were equally affected and we should be compensated because we lost property and businesses,” she said.

Meanwhile, refugees at the Nakuru Showground have made it clear that they would not move until the Government compensates them.

“We are not in a hurry, let them compensate us first then we will not be a problem to the Government,” said their spokesman, Mr Peter Kinyua.

He said most of the refugees were peasants and depended on produce from farms they had either bought or leased.

“Telling us to go and wait for compensation from where we hailed is unrealistic,” said Kinyua.

They said the compensation should be done in accordance with the forms they filled and submitted to the special DOs assigned by the Government.

“Each and every case must be looked at on its own merit. We do not want a situation where a uniform compensation strategy will be used, because we suffered different losses,” said Mr Peter Mbae, a political activist working closely with the refugees.


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