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Kenyan lecturer abducted in Somalia

Kenyan lecturer abducted in Somalia
Written By:Reuters , Posted: Wed, May 14, 2008

A Kenyan lecturer has been abducted in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Witnesses said that three gunmen abducted the public administration lecturer on Tuesday in the latest seizure of a foreigner in the lawless Horn of Africa country,.

Yasin Abdi, a student at the Taleh campus in the bombed-out Somali capital, said the lecturer was forced into a car waiting to take him home and the driver ordered by gunmen to speed off towards the Islamist stronghold of north Mogadishu.

“Three young men armed with pistols abducted our professor,” Abdi told Reuters. “We do not know who the kidnappers were and where he is held.”

University and government officials declined to comment.

Kidnapping is lucrative business in Somalia, and abductors generally treat their captives well in anticipation of a large ransom.

Somali gunmen are still holding hostage two aid workers, one Kenyan and one British, abducted in April.

Sources said foreign lecturers at the campus are no longer protected by armed guards, since the interim government disarmed the school last year as part of a plan to limit the weapons in private hands.

The professor was not under armed guard when he was seized. His house is just 300 steps from the main gate.

The driver who was to drop him was later released by the gunmen. They told him they ‘just want to question the professor,’ the staffer said.


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