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Shut tribal radio stations, says Moi

Published on May 31, 2008, 12:00 am

By Beauttah Omanga

Former President Moi has asked the Government to act on vernacular radio stations fanning tribalism and hatred.

Retired President Moi admires a painting of his image at Sunshine Secondary School in Nairobi on Friday day where he was the chief guest during the Prize giving day. Looking on is the school principal, Mrs Magdalene Sang. Picture: Collins Kweyu

Moi said he was concerned that the majority of stations were advocating tribalism at the expense of national cohesion.

“The Government should take action against such vernacular radio stations for they pose a threat to the unity of Kenyans,” he said.

The former President warned that the vernacular stations could plunge the country into chaos if they continued broadcasting hateful politics that set communities against each other.

If the stations were to be allowed to continue operating, he said, they should only propagate cultural values and religious programmes.

“The participants should not be allowed to discuss politics in their mother tongues. I am now 84 years old and know what I am talking about. The stations, if not checked, will cause a major problem in this country,” he said.

The retired President spoke on Friday at Sunshine Secondary School, Nairobi, during a prize-giving day.

He asked the mushrooming radio stations to educate their listeners on culture and keep off politics.


Moi, who was with his son Philip, also expressed concern over what he termed emerging of tribal chiefs in the political arena.

“We are seeing tribal chiefs take centre stage in our national politics. We must speak as Kenyans and reason as Kenyans at all times,” he said.

Moi said any leader who aspired to be a President must first leave their tribal cocoon.

“The person must first dissociate himself or herself from tribal cocoons, which do not produce presidents,” he said.

He challenged politicians to unite Kenyans, adding: “even if somebody did not vote for you, as a leader, you should not hate him or her.”

The former Head of State reminded leaders and the media that their public utterances and news items influenced young Kenyans.

“Public utterances of leaders, radio broadcasts and newspaper reports should not have content that instils in our youth a culture of tribalism and hatred,” he said.

Moi also hit out at drug peddlers whom he accused of using the youth as captives and easy markets for their substances.

Moi asked the Government to allow the private sector to play key roles in the provision of education.

He at the same time welcomed the new Nairobi Metropolitan Ministry but said its mandate should be expounded to cover all municipalities.


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