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IDPs in Uganda get land

Published on June 19, 2008, 12:00 am

By Standard team

More than 1,800 Kenyan refugees in Uganda have each been allocated a one-acre piece of land for temporary cultivation.

Their spokesman, Mr Joseph Githu, told The Standard on telephone that they had been allocated land in Kariondong scheme in Masindi District of Western Uganda.

“When we were moved from the Mulanda transit centre near Tororo in Eastern Uganda to Masindi a few weeks back, we were all registered and allocated an acre of land.

Mr Emanuel Nyabera, a local spokesman for UNHCR, on Wednesday said the Ugandan system of hosting refugees was slightly different from the Kenyan one.

“In Kenya, refugees live in camps, but in Uganda they are offered land for temporary cultivation to support themselves,” he said.

Githu said that despite the refugees having been given the land, some were ready to return home and that they were concerned over the Kenyan Government’s failure to assist them.

Displaced people from the Naivasha Stadium camp demonstrate on the streets of Naivasha on Tuesday. They were opposing a Government move to close the camp by the end of the month. Picture: Anthony Gitonga

Meanwhile, the registration of post-election violence victims in Mombasa was halted amid confusion over the authenticity of names submitted to the Provincial Administration.

Local DO Otieno Odongo, ordered the process to restart today following the registration of residents who were allegedly not affected.

It was the third time the exercise had been halted in Kongowe as tempers continued to flare following the delays.


Odongo on Wednesday announced that he was to attend a meeting with Special Programmes minister Naomi Shaaban, and asked the victims to report for vetting and registration on Thursday.

He said he would personally conduct the exercise to avoid including masquerades in the list of beneficiaries.

Elsewhere, the registration of displaced people failed to start in Rongo District after those who lost their property in post-election violence stormed the registration camps and demanded to be registered.

Rongo farmers, whose sugarcane plantations were torched during the post-election violence, are demanding that any compensation being considered for IDPs must also take them into consideration.

The farmers have now decided that any compensation must also take them into consideration.

“I lost several hectares of sugarcane worth Sh5 million and I must be compensated,” said a farmer from South Sakwa location.

Many residents who continue to throng the registration area are using the same argument. South Sakwa chief Joseph Odipo said he was experiencing difficulty in trying to explain to residents that compensation was only for those displaced from their homes.

He said the other group should fill a form and return it to the office of their location chief.


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