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President Kibaki’s allies are making spirited last-minute efforts to save the troubled Party of National Unity (PNU) that this week appeared to ebb towards disintegration.

But the rift between PNU and some of its key affiliates widened as chaos erupted in one party with officials disagreeing over whether to back President Kibaki’s unity proposal.

PNU spokesman and nominated MP George Nyamweya announced on Saturday that the planned transformation of PNU to a single united party would go on despite resistance from key affiliates.

Nyamweya was speaking at the PNU headquarters where he gave an update of efforts to seek unity.

But even as Nyamweya spoke, it was clear PNU was swaying in troubled wind as the party’s Parliamentary Group meeting planned for Saturday was put off to Tuesday.

Chaos rocked DP, which held a National Governing Council meeting that planned replacement of party officials, including President Kibaki.

The occasion attended by four DP MPs, among them, two assistant ministers, ended in disarray after members disagreed on Kibaki should be removed as national chairman.


Assistant Ministers Wilfred Machage and Nderitu Muriithi and MPs Nemesyus Warugongo (Kieni) and Emilio Kathuri (Manyata) later stormed out of the meeting.

A section was rooting for Kibaki’s removal, but another was opposed, saying the party would die should it replace the President.

Also to be replaced was DP secretary general Nyamweya who had only minutes earlier resigned at a separate function. Trouble started when DP national organising secretary Jacob Haji read out the positions that would be filled beginning with that held by the President.

His voice was immediately drowned by heated exchange between those for and those against as the MPs and vice-chairman Joseph Munyao watched helplessly.

But Kathuri escalated the tension when he took the microphone and opposed plans to replace Kibaki. However, with section of officials shouted him down.

In the PNU function, Nyamweya was quick to deny that the party was being prepared for an individual to use as a vehicle for the presidency in 2012.


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