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On February 29, three arms shipments left the Somalia arms markets in Mogadishu. That was about three weeks after the American Embassy banned some Kenyan leaders from entering the US reportedly because either they were the architects of post-election violence or were sabotaging the national reconciliation talks.

Some Somalia livestock traders, on behalf of three different clients, reportedly placed the order. Two separate shipments were bought by Kenyans and consisted of 14 pistols, and 24 boxes of ammunition, 18 AK-47s, 14 magazines and 30 boxes of ammunition. There were also four AK-47s, six magazines and eight boxes of ammunition.

This cache was beside another consignment of two containers that have also not been traced.

The Kenyan buyers of the cache from Somalia loaded the chests in two four-by-four vehicles with Somalia registration. The arms were later ferried into Kenya and to Modogashe, halfway between Wajir and Isiolo where they were offloaded into vehicles with local registration. In mid-March, some Somali-Kenyans are reported to have presented a middleman with a wish list of weapons and ammunition for two Kenyan clients.

“In this particular case, the buyer was a militia group in Kenya,” the UN Monitoring Group report obtained by The Standard on Saturday says.

The second client requested three AK-47s, four boxes of ammunition and six magazines. The client also needed four pistols, four boxes of ammunition and three magazines.

“Both shipments were loaded in a truck transporting food and clothes. The truck departed from Elasha Somalia arms market to Jilib and Bu’ale before reaching Afmadow, where the cargo was offloaded.

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