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The standard 19TH JULY

by Limo

The National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) presented its evidence in camera and gave out details of individuals who reportedly participated in post-election violence.

NSIS boss, Maj-Gen Michael Gichangi, met the Commission of Inquiry into the Post-Election Violence in camera for almost an hour before resuming the public hearings, Friday. The spy boss had requested to give evidence in camera.

Persons adversely mentioned


Commission chairman, Justice Philip Waki, later said they would rule on whether to issue notices to persons adversely mentioned in the evidence to appear before the commission. Waki said it is prudent to give the people a chance to give their side of the story.

Justice Philip Waki (left) and Commissioner Pascal Kambale (in blue jersey) during a tour of Kibera slums. PHOTO: JONAH ONYANGO  

Lawyer Harun Ndubi demanded that the NSIS tables evidence to show the intelligence agency advised the Electoral Commission to put in place modalities of announcing last year’s results. Ndubi sought to know if the agency was to blame for the post-poll violence.


He asked Gichangi to explain if his advice to the ECK may have caused the delay in announcing results, which led to the violence.

Gichangi said his advice was based on intelligence gathered — that the results could determine the mood in the country. “Our advice was on the basis of having a free and fair election or that would be seen to be so,” he said. He explained that the delay in announcing presidential results was caused by various issues. He said there was no such delay in the 1997 General Election. He could, however, not recall if the situation was similar in 2002.

While presenting his submission, Gichangi said he told ECK and other appropriate Government departments to put in place clear modalities for announcing results

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