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Fellow readers, personally what Koigi demanded on Sunday last week during a live broadcast on Radio Inoro is the most right thing that should have happenend soon after the post election violence. Koigi based his call on the fact that the chief spy Michael Gichangi disclosed to the Wakicommission that the NSIS had informed Kibaki there would be violence months before the general elections. He had even given names of prominent politicians behind the plot to kill certain Kenyan communities.

Koigi told Kibaki it he committed treason having neglected his resposibility as head of state to protect wananchi and instead allowed violence to claim many lives and properties. I fully support this call but then , who will arrest Kibaki? Maybe its time Kenyans abroad organised with the Hague and have him indicted.

Mwandawiro Mghanga during a Cuba revolution day of 26th july on Saturday this week called for a revolution in Kenya. Why. We have witnessed much economical and police brutality that cannot be changed by its initiators in today’s gvt especially Kibaki.


Since I made Kenya my base where I intend to spend some more time – I have a lot of experiences that make me want to leave Kenya and never come back here. I have witnessed real brutal police killings. I have been directly affected by this brutality. On 13th July around 6pm a cousin of mine 20 years of old and his workmate a friend of his 19 years were leaving work heading home at one of the semi slum areas – Kayole 45.

On reaching at their desembarking point with the friend, soon after leaving the matatu some five police officers armed to the teeth ordered the two to lie down face down and hold their IDs up above their heads. The 2 did as requested by the police. But in less than a minute the two were sprayed with bullets while lying on their backs. Execution in broad day light. That week alone 30 young kenyans were shot dead. We burried him this week.

Shamelessly, the police claimed the 2 were suspects who had planned to rob a business in the area and that a third member of the so-called gang, armed witha gun had run away- Bullshit. Well, I never thought I would at sometime in my lifetime live in a lawless police state such as today’s Kenya. Now their parents have been warned to face same fate if they press on with claims of murder by police.

3 weeks ago three young friends who own some hardware shops along Duruma road in River Road Nairobi disappered in day light after they had gone to buy some hardwares near house of Magji. Eye witnesses saw the three being arrested by police near the place they went to buy their hardwares. 2 DAYS LATTER bodies of 2 of them were found dumped near Arthi River. One is still missing!. Crazy Kenya.

All the executed are Kikuyus. As Kikuyu male wearing shots is sign of being a Mungiki and therefore you are likely to get gunned down by the Kwekwe police anti Mungiki unit. Well Kenyans, where is our nation heading to?

Those of you living abroad, please dont even think of coming here if you are afraid of instatnt death. Am sure living in Kenya today is living on borrowed time. Life here has become not worthy a penny as long as you are a poor fellow. I personally have received several life threats from unknown people(police) to watch my mouth on accusing the leadership of misrule. I have been asked to leave Kenya or risk death. I have given the police all the numbers that sent or called me on this but they say If I feel insecure then I should leave.

Kenyans out there, there is little to be proud of after the last general elections. This week as have been the immediate past has made me even want to call for a direct takeover of Kenya government by the military perhaps for sometime. Our politicians are running this country outo pilot. They seem to be leaving in another p;anet of their own and not in the same Country where innocent lives continue being wasted with impunity. The chaotic life in Kenya will never be attended to by the current corrupt and murderous politicians in power. Kenyans in Kenya are more hopeless than ever and are unable to handle the ongoing disollusionment affecting millions of us back home. Millions have nowhere to run.

Its my appeal for Kenyans abroad to think of themselves as the only hope for this country ever rissing from the political filth now being praised by the current coalition gvt as a way of bring sanity to the nation.

Where are the Osewes and Martin Ngatias, where are the Muiranis and Mwauras? Where is Olengais and Kigan? You once fought Moi dictatorship but dont let this coalition pass as an innocent gvt. You all know when to stand up for fellow Kenyans regardless of party affiliations abroad. Its time.

Do something where you are to protest the carnage going on sillently in our dear country. Kenyans out there please try to bring some sense of responsibility in the heads of these heartless politicians masquarading as democrats while instructing the police to shot poverty or intimidate the poor into deadly helpless silence. A coalition of lions out to feast on innocent sheep.


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