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PNU reacts to ODM’s threat to end coalition

Published on 14/08/2008

By Lucianne LimoThe Party of National Unity (PNU) has reacted sharply to threats by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to pull out of the coalition following the announcement of the Kamukunji parliamentary election results.

PNU termed as “unfortunate” remarks made by Medical Services Minister Anyang’ Nyong’o that ODM would part ways with PNU for stealing the Kamukunji elections.

“The threat by a section of ODM to pull out of the Grand Coalition is unfortunate because the coalition is based on the Unity Accord enacted by Parliament,” Public Health Minister Beth Mugo said.

Mugo, who was addressing journalists at PNU headquarters on Wednesday, also rubbished threats by ODM that it would call for mass action.

flimsy excuses

“No coalition can be based on lies and those calling for mass action should be sincere and stop giving flimsy excuses as grounds for pulling out of the coalition. Mass action by misguided political leaders is what is misleading secondary children into violence,” she said.

The newly elected Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua, Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu, and former Siakago MP Justine Muturi accompanied Mugo.

“It is high time that ODM learn to accept facts and figures when they face defeat instead of peddling lies and issuing threats,” Mugo said on behalf of PNU.

PNU and ODM have been embroiled in bitter rivalry following the announcement of the results in which PNU’s Mbugua was declared the winner ahead of ODM’s Ibrahim Mohammed.

The announcement of the election results on Monday by the Electoral Commission of Kenya elicited a war of words with ODM accusing PNU of stealing the votes while PNU maintained it won fairly.

Nyong’o, who is the party secretary general, warned that the future of the coalition was at risk following the Kamukunji events and threatened that the party might pull out.

Yesterday, PNU told off ODM and said they cannot keep threatening to pull out of the coalition every time they lost.

committed to unity

“PNU is committed to unity and no amount of threats and false propaganda will derail it from the course of unity, as it is the best for this country and we call upon our partners to respect the outcome of the will of people,” added Mugo.

Muturi clarified that the court ordered for the tallying of the votes and not a recount, as claimed by ODM.

“It is unfair for people to result to jungle law by threatening mass action. If they feel aggrieved, they can move to court and file an election petition,” said Muturi.

Mbugua maintained that he won and ODM should stop whining over their loss. Waititu said Nairobi was a PNU zone and soon they would reclaim the Starehe seat where former MP Maina Kamanda has challenged the election of Housing Assistant Minister Margaret Wanjiru


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