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 The 1 million dollar question to Kenyans abroad is:  can you tell us Kenyans back home what has eaten you up politically and socially? What keeps you weighed so law in almost everything? Have you been sucked in by the endless mind-numbing claptrap that assaults your eyes and ears via the Western media or just victims of the Western education (indoctrination) systems?

Before I sound desperate and unhappy too let me say here that I have come across very active Kenyans out there doing all they can to wake up fellow Kenyans politically: They include comrade Okoth Osewe living in Sweden who wrote a book that all should read- Rails’ Stolen Presidency. I was told he is currently writing another explosive book that would be out before next elections.  Mr Martin Ngatia is also a diehard politician out for change and very active too in Sweden. One reads his comments in Kenyans in Sweden blog.

Kenyans abroad you have been so kind to your relatives back home by sending them over 600 million USD each year. But looking at you today at a close range I see that you are secretly unhappy with most of our politically sick politicians back home, our suppressive economic system and all the other mind doctors selling us their view of what our reality should be: who is cut to be the next President and from which tribe? And who does this and that against this and that tribe and whem Mr Ocampo should arrest post elections violence suspects. 

 But what  happens to you is that you get hooked in by manufactured debates and diversions back home. You see irrelevant events and statements from the Kenyan leaders as vitally important, instead of walking away and seeing them for what they are: irrelevant diversions.

 You then expend your limited energies and whip up your emotions worrying about things that others program you to believe are important.

Last time I was in Stockholm Sweden at a Nyama choma evening, I was shocked to hear some Kenyans there speaking as if they were right back in their small villages and trade centers back home and totally misinformed of current political divisions eating Kenya up. They asked among themselves: Who shall be our man in state house? Who will be our area governors and MPs? Who owns what building and business? Why are people saying no to the good constitution that shall allow dual citizenship for us despite the millions we invest back home? These people saying no must be very cruel and jealous of our presence abroad and wants to deny us a chance of enjoying life in Kenya as we wish. Others complained that it was a scheme by Kikuyus to deny Raila a chance of becoming the next president. It is not true.

In Sweden as is in UK many Kenyans have become very petty and worried about such things as:  Who sleeps with who? Are they too fat? Are they too thin? Are they too tall? Are they too small? Are their breasts big enough? Are they losing the hair on their heads? Do they have too much hair on their bodies? Are they wearing the latest uniform (sorry fashion) that someone they have never met have decided is “in fashion”?

Something has gone wrong with the way many Kenyans abroad are thinking. May be they are deluged by television “programmers” funded by advertisers which tell them how they should be, look, and feel. They are told: You’ve got a wrinkle on your face? Oh, my dear, your life is over. It’s the end of the road. Unless, that is, you buy this super-duper face oil named after somewhere that sounds exotic. It will save your life. Hey, look at this curvy, sun—tanned, blonde buy our oil and that could be you.

If you lose your hair does it make you a bad person? No. Does it make you less intelligent? No. Does it make you less able to give and receive love? No. What’s more, it doesn’t even make you different. Look around you, most men lose their hair. And get this: what would be our reaction if we lived on a planet in which the physical body had no hair on its head and suddenly it started to grow? Oh my life’s over, women won’t be attracted to me… remove my hair; stick it under my armpits, anywhere, It’s just conditioning, that’s all it is. Our good Kenyan traditions are dead and buried in the Diaspora. Many Kenyans in the Diaspora want to be actors in other people’s scripts.

Recently one Kenyan living in Italy told me that he was just out there to get enough money and one day be happily rich. In any case as expected, Kenyans abroad have long since joined the already duped world population out there, duped, into pursuing happiness with a bigger fridge, or the latest car, or a bigger house. “If I just had this or that,” they say “I’d be happy.” But when they get it, they’re still not happy.

I know how it feels to live in Europe and the US. Most Kenyans out there go through their entire lives without being truly happy. Of course there may be moments when they feel blissful, but those moments are so fleeting. Their “happiness” is normally measured by levels of unhappiness. The harder you try to find happiness, the more elusive it becomes. The reason is simple: if you are in a constant state of pursuing happiness you can never be happy. Your “now” experience is always the pursuing of happiness, never happiness itself. Your happiness is always in the future and not in your now. Its like sitting on one of those horses on the fairground rides. It doesn’t matter how fast the carousel is turning, you never get any closer to the horse in front.

Apart from a few still thinking how to make Kenya a better country for all, almost all Kenyans living abroad are confused and not looking for a way out of their confusion, wherever they are in the so-called developed Diasporas.

During the coalition talks Kibaki and Raila were putting on artificial emotions, both are together today just as two actors who can’t stand each other come together for a warm caress. My darling, I love you

These leaders’ sense of self comes not from what they stand for if any, but from how they are perceived by a robotic misinformed tribal audience conditioned by the politicians’ use of tribal political illusions.

Kenyans abroad you have lost it not only by practicing tribal politics and consumption of falsified political moves but also you are out there making yourselves look more like western robots in all of your looks and likes.

 Another thing that hooks Kenyans abroad emotionally and seeps their energy for no good reason is the way they are offended by what others in different political views say or do. The Diaspora Kenyans are offended by different things because they are programmed by different Hassle-Free Zones (a religion, political “ism”, what they were told was “right and “wrong” by their tribal leaders or their host countries).

Today as was yesterday thousands of Kenyans in Kenya are lining up in US and Western Embassies and missions applying for visas to escape to those parts of the world they imagine happiness awaits they entry.  What they later find out is usually a shocker – the great myth that happiness can be pursued.

Despite the above worries, Kenyans abroad are in a better position to use their money to bring a sense of responsibility in the actions of their politicians back home and if possible unite for a serious mission of exporting democracy into the country. Meaning, by supporting candidates directly from Europe and America and also from Asian countries you would start a new political generation. To me you are the last hope if that country is to get out of its own killing hands. To those who feel burning for a no rules political game you  are welcome to join a few of the patriots in Kenya trying to make rules for the game.

To those abroad and can not support anyone for any political office do something. Write books and write blogs that would open the minds of our sleepy and impoverished majority youth.

Secretary General Chama Cha Mwananchi – CCM


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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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