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Kenya Women Rejects Draft Constitution

• New law has ignored many women issues and should be opposed by all womenfolk, group says.
• Leaders say they will take ‘No’ campaign to the grassroots


Kenya women leaders have launched their ‘No’ campaign in Nairobi with a promise to rally their female counterparts countrywide to reject the proposed Constitution.
They argue that the proposed set of laws had ignored many women issues and should be opposed by all womenfolk.
“We realise that this document has so many foreign ideologies, very little on African values that our future generations could embrace,” said Women Empowerment Society executive director Ms Rebecca Kitana at the 680 Hotel, Nairobi Wednesday.
Eldoret South MP Peris Simam dismissed the new law submitting that it would not serve women in the rural areas fully.
“It does not represent the women and those pushing for it are spreading propaganda.”
Shoot down
She vowed to take contentious issues in the document to the grassroots and urge women to shoot it down.
The women sought to throw a spin in their campaign by claiming the proposed constitution legalised abortion. However, the proposed constitution expressly outlaws abortion except when the life of a mother is in danger.
“While our women will be aborting, other foreign children will be made citizens of Kenya,” Ms Kitana said.
On the existence of state religion, the leaders expressed concern that there was no clear separation between the Church and the State.
They were also concerned that family and marriage units in the new set of laws will be open to abuse, thereby create disharmony in the society.
“We are afraid this will open a window for the society to engage in homosexuality and lesbianism,” they said.
Freeze funding
Konoin MP Julius Kones claimed that some donors had frozen funding to some women organisations because they had adopted a ‘No’ stand on the proposed Constitution.
“It is sad that donors have halted funding based on personal choice in the upcoming referendum,” Dr Kones said declining to reveal the donors and the organisations that had been denied funds.
Also present at the function was political analyst Dr Tom Namwamba, who called for the adoption of a ‘better document that could pass challenges of the 21st Century”.
“There is a hidden agenda between the two principals,” Dr Namwamba said adding he would vote against the new law.
“We do not want to become puppets of Americanism or any other European power.”
“We are warning Kenyans to listen to us, voting for the draft constitution is selling our sovereignty,” he said.


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