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For me, it has been a long tiresome search for a solution to most of the disturbing problems experienced by the Kenyan majority population. Number one being endless poverty. This has been causing massive hopelessness among the youth and uncertain future for the young generation.
The current constitution as promising as it is cannot by itself make effective changes to the lives of the majority Kenyans living in a circle of endless poverty. To make it even worse the ruinous of the Kenyan dream of the 1960s and 70s and the Moi era cohorts are on the trail demanding to be Governors while armed with millions of shillings from questionable sources and a bonus of old age.
The current capitalist system of government set by the new constitution does not guarantee a good future for the youth in this country. Some radical, ruthless and credible action must take place to salvage the sickening reality.
A kind of a system revolution should be expected in Counties since Counties have the right to run their own Counties as they deem democratic.
The new constitution does not overrule forming Socialist systems in Counties.
The only workable solution to reduce and finally overcome the fangs of the deadly poverty reigning Kenya today is to create scientifically run socialist county governments.
This shall be done by putting in place Socialist County Governors and senators in all 47 counties. CCM and other Socialist political Parties in Kenya have decided to field Socialist Governors and Senators in all the 47 Counties. We as CCM shall also field socialist National parliament members in all constituencies.
I will be contesting the KIAMBU COUNTY Governor Seat as a voluntary Governor without pay. CCM will field voluntary Governors and Senators elsewhere in consultation with other Socialist parties.
My agenda in Kiambu shall be to give welfare handouts to the poor and jobless persons living in Kiambu County.
a) I intend to give each poor family 50,000 ksh a month and each jobless youth 15,000 ksh a month.
b) I also intend to create projects to produce finished products for exports and local use to make sure the youth have new job opportunities in my County.
c) I also intend to give each child less than 18 years 5,000 a month.
d) Each new born child shall get 50,000 for that new child as a start and then soon after receive normal child welfare of 5 thousand a month.
e) I intend to build free medical hospitals for all and also 4 universities that will take care of the poor families’ education for free in my County.
f) Farmers shall be able to get funds to grow certain crops and be able to sell their produce to consumers at an affordable price.
g) All unused land shall be put in good use.
h) All boarding primary and secondary schools will be day schools in my County to enable parents oversee the growth and bringing up their children in a family way.
i) Free meals shall be given to all students in all class levels.
j) Enough Day care classes shall be introduced for free at every village or estate level.
k) The county shall build its own feeder railway lines and run railway transport within the county to end exploitation and reduce road deaths while adding cargo capacity. The county shall negotiate with international companies in China and elsewhere to make this happen.
l) To end joblessness I shall invite investors from Socialist countries to invest in partnerships with local Kiambu residents.
m) For Banking and loan assistance I will recommend the establishment of Kiambu County Bank to enable poor persons with profitable projects get funds locally without usual bank obstacles.
n) Some centres for job recruitments shall be established to linkup with the jobless and those offering jobs. The County shall become the official body overseeing that the local jobless population registered as Kiambu residents get opportunities in the available job market.
o) Security for Kiambu residents shall rest mostly in the hands of the County. All County registered youths not above 35 shall be trained for self defence and arms handling. A way to monitor those trained shall be put in place and most jobs shall be created though private security organisations and groups within the county. Also security jobs for the trained youths shall be sourced across borders including overseas.
p) Kenyans abroad will be asked to come and invest in many other areas profitable areas within the County.
q) The County shall welcome other members of other Counties to also invest in the County and also provide expert assistant there where necessary.
r) An person from other County will have the right to register and live in Kiambu County without any discrimination. And will also have the right to enjoy the services offered by the County as well.
The above are just some of the most important tasks that I will be busy seeing over when I get to that Governor’s office.
Do you have a creative idea of how I could make the above ideas even more better and result producing? Write to me dickkamau@gmail.com


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