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KENYAN THIRD FORCE FORMED, a revolution in the making?


Breaking news.

A third force in Kenyan politics has been formed. The membership of the force is made up of 15 registered political parties not allied to the current government allies. The aim is to bring about a new order of politics in Kenya come 2012 elections. The members of the Force have disclosed that they will be fielding their own candidates including the president and county governors.

The group that met at undisclosed location in Nairobi says it will take the day in Kenyan politics because the political field will be without the discredited ICC suspects. The left behind would have been ICC suspects will be rejected by the Kenyan youth whose future is at stake.

The group says the  support it has comes from the youth angered by the greedy old leaders’ untamed corruption and negative ethnicity the old leaders propagate to divide the nation. The already registered group of parties calling itself PPF – POLITICAL PARTIES FORUM says it will issue its National address in a near future and hold rallies allover the country to mobilise the already ready youths. 

The group is calling on Kenyans to reject the manipulation and negative propaganda aimed at ethinically dividing them. The group says when it takes power all corrupt current and former politicians will be shot dead in public and their loot recovered back to the public coffers. The group is also opposed to break-way politics propagated by some Coast provice politicians terming the campaings distructive  whose aim is creating a civil war similar to that waged by the Alshabab of Somalia.

The group says it is for one kenya one people and one destiny and that nothing will stop them from achieving this feat. The group claims to have already registered 1,000,000 members 90 percent being youths aged from 20 to 35 years. Its immediate spokesman said the manner in which the youth support their mission is very encouranging and interesting. The group expects to win the lections of 2012 by over 70 percent.

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