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I found this article of almost 5 years ago relevant to our current state of affairs.

I lifted it from Kenya Young Voter’s Alliance blog.



Malcolm X had no illusions in the so-called differences between the Democrats and Republicans. “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.” In the 1964 presidential elections, when the US presidential candidates were Lyndon B. Johnson (the “peace” candidate) vs. Barry Goldwater (the “war” candidate), Malcolm X exposed the deceit of this phony distinction.

“The shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists,” he said, “knew that the only way people would run towards the fox (Johnson) would be if you showed them the wolf (Goldwater). So they created a ghastly alternative . . . And at the moment he (Johnson) had troops invading the Congo and
South Vietnam.”

This above analogy by Malcolm x seems to fit well in the current political situation in
Kenya. Everybody seems to be fighting corruption, give them power and you will see their true coloures.Show people true coloures of ODM-K and you will see them running towards NARC-K.

Corruption has so much dominated the political scene until many Kenyans feel so betrayed by leaders who have decided to feed on the sweat of poor Kenyans, since independence to date. When are we going to put this to an end? After trying all my best to avoid the raging debate on the decision of choosing between a wolf (ODM-K) and a fox (NARC-K), the temptation can’t go further than this. I strongly believe that there is need for us to be realistic and avoid running into the ideologies (if any) advanced by the two sides.

I consider my approach and understanding to this game realistic. Its highest time we stopped being hypocritical about our ideological orientation. Many of our people will come up with many theories that qualify ODM-K or NARC-K to be the best parties of belonging.

If you become more metaphysical, you will understand what I mean. As I have always said and believed any political equation can only be qualified on the basis of which side of the spectrum you look at it. Let us look at this historical example:In preparation of what would come to be known in history as the Russian revolution, students of Karl Marx; one group led by Lenin and another led by other communists developed two different approaches to governance. two of the main would be Lenin confidants:ie Joseph Stalin and  Leon Trotsky joined the two opposing sides with what they called ideological reality according to their own respective ”schools of thought”.

while Stalin followed Lenin to advocate for a leadership based on a kind of electoral college(Bolshevism)Trotsky on the other hand preferred to support the grassroots system-where leaders could be elected on the basis of getting direct peasantry vote.(Menshevism).later when the Mensheviks were defeated, Trotsky decided to realign himself with Lenin and became very loyal while still upholding his sincere ideological principles that favored grassroots involvement in the Communist party democracy. Most Bolsheviks who really looked at Lenin as a demi-god used every opportunity to sabotage Trotsky’s efforts to rise in ranks on the basis of his initial opposition to bolshevism.

Stalin grew very popular in the communist party because of his hypocritical adoration of Lenin. It was too late for even Lenin himself to discover that Stalin had been only loyal because of personal selfish political reasons. Stalin was too powerful by the time Lenin discovered this and wanted Trotsky to be his political heir instead of Stalin. Therefore Stalin became the automatic heir to Lenin as the general secretary.

On Lenin’s death in 1924, Stalin forged himself into leadership to later become the chairman of the people’s commissars.To me the lesson here is that gaining political power has more to do with strategy and shrewdness than the sincere ideological approach that all of us commonly wish and advocate for. If its truth, let us say it. We all, (at least those who believe in certain principles) know that we believe in certain ways that we call moral governance. Most of us adore revolutionaries, we call them heroes, and we call them all names of admiration.

America calls them dictators, war criminals, we  associate political prowess with great names like Castro, Che Guevara,Tupac Amaru I(the last Inca of modern Peru)&Tupac Amaru II,Simon Bolivar,Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara,Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey,William Wilberforce, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, ,Patrice Lumumba,Dubcek,Husak,Olof Palme,Steve Biko,John Okello.,Haters of imperialism. We all categorize this people differently than what the US does.

To America all those names mean terrorists, communists, human rights abusers.blah blah…but for us we look at all these names differently, there are heroes, there are criminals, there are role models, there are human rights activists, but for the
US…it doesn’t care. They put Hideki Tojo and Che Guevara in the same group. The same way as a young person, these political vultures will never care what you believe in. they have already made their judgement…You are a political tool to be used. Or if you pose any political threat to them, then you are their enemy to be dealt with, or to be eliminated just like JM Kariuki was.
So what’s the way forward?

To sit and wait to be judged? Or to move and create our own space and destiny in those ranks? I agree with all you comrades who insist that we should support or oppose such and such a party because its made up of heroes,villains,saints,sinners ,devils, angels or whatever you may call them.

Have you been honored with the order of Vladmir…to sing and dance to their tune? Or you are just a well wisher, a goon or a sycophant. Being a well wisher or any of aforementioned attributes amount to serious  level of political insignificance.My position is that we got to be strategic otherwise we are going nowhere. for my choice if I were to choose between the wolf and a fox, which as per now I don’t intend to do, I would prefer the sly fox than the wolf that has decided to put on a sheep skin because the chicken worthy preying on are not in the vicinity.

just know that the wolf in the sheep skin intends to make you his meal…once it gets near the chicken.It’s wrong for us to start following monarchs who have presided and/or benefited from the economic atrocities committed against the people of this country for the last more than four decades of this country’s independence. lets not follow monarchs…our only way to political freedom is joining hands with self made politicians…not monarchs. Down with monarchs…If you can only be relevant in politics if your father was a president or a colonial chief, when are the sons and daughters of peasants like you and me going to rule this country?

JUST TELL ME WHEN? We need to get the way out.There we are…..me and you attempting to put Jommo Kenyatta’s son in power? Daniel Moi’s son in power?, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s son  in power?. Longest serving ministers like Kalonzo who have nothing to show after 19 years in cabinet in power? Moses Mudavadi’s son in power? Ruto-the political son of a corrupt regime? If we stand and pursue freedom justice and equality, then we need the land back…the land cannot be returned by land grabbers in power.Landgrabbers and pretenders to democracy can’t be reformists. What are they reforming? They have already taken part in deforming the country.

If we want to achieve true change in this country we need to create a better strategy…if you read the future, then you will come to know that the only way of getting true reformists and sons and daughters of peasants to power is through NARC-K if all factors are kept constant consistent with the current prevailing conditions.

To me and I don’t think any sane person will challenge that, NARC-K’S future could be us. Monarchs will never have space for us. They only have space for their sons and daughters in law. Those impoverished and deprived in the past are now we are getting into those positions.Kibaki is only but a unifying factor for NARC-K…Once he finishes his second term, then all kanu will have retired…Michuki, Karume, Nyachae,then people like Kibwana,Kituyi,Mungatana,Tuju,Kimunya,Karua,Kilemi Mwiria,Kirwa,(not necessarily them, but they are symbols of rise from ashy to classy, not from state house to state house.) ,and many of us in our age bracket who are coming up now will obviously have this space.

A good number of protagonists here are the true reformists or even if they may not be according to some of the arguments some of you may advance. They at least were. and that’s why democratically we are where we are. most of you know the role played by people like Prof Kibwana  and the likes of Dr.Njoya.,Henry Waruhiu,Muturi Kigano and the rest that you know who belong to this school in bringing Kenya to where it is now. We are at least where they helped us get.

Its time to complete the revolution. And the revolution can’t be completed by the people we were revolting against. They are using the strategy used by Stalin to inherit Lenin’s position, but at least in a moral and democratic way, unlike Stalin. In the same vain, we need to use this strategy…that’s our only way to power. The rest are rhetorics.no monarchs please.For you who have already taken sides…that’s my analysis.

However if you are a general in the wolf kingdom you are better than a foot soldier in the fox kingdom. If you got no strategic standing then I consider this as the best position to adopt so long as you are not Kenyatta’s or Moi’s son or daughter.The value of NARC Kenya to Kenyan youths as per now is that one of our own-Tedd Munovi is one of the nine national board members of the NARC-K election board.

The great hope, which we are anyway yet to see, is that more positions will be allocated young people. We welcome the same or greater gesture by ODM-K or any other party with a political muscle.

I personally don’t think if we should vote in a wolf or a fox. But if we got no other option which is seemingly the case, then lets learn to use the Stalin strategy. Vote for the fox that is if it’s a must for you to choose between the two. Otherwise I would advice you to join Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM).It could be the party that has meaning for the people at the grassroots… 

Kenya Young Voter’s Alliance

Box 41046, Nairobi



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January 30, 2007


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