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Free Nominations for aspirants in the coming General elections March 4 2013. see Daily Nation 04.10.2012 page 52.

 NO FEE. Good conduct

CHAMA CHA MWANANCHI CCM has dicided to give its members free nominations to eneble all of them  interested to contest in any elective positions in the coming general elections.

As a party whose majority membership are less monied CCM leadership through the advice of its membership decided to allow the members use their party to get in the race. 

CCM a socialist oriented political party was not created to enrich its officials by collecting nomination fees from its membership but to help the membership exercise democratic political freedoms and aspirations. Since then there has been many defections candidates from major parties into CCM.

CCM is appealing to other political parties to allow the impovershed population participate in the elections without using money obstacles to keep away ordinary wananchi from political power.

CCM is also appealing to the IEBC to stop charging nomination fees whose outcome would mean ordinary wananchi will be denied their constitutional rights to vie for elective positions in the coming General elections. IEBC should not be seen as a vehicle for the rich to keep out the poor from power.

CCM is preparing to take IEBC to court  asking IEBC to show constitutional reason why the fee it is demanding in thousands should not be ambolished to allow the less monied join the race in the coming elections March 4 2013. The fee is unconstituional.

Aspirants and all willing to be members can get in touch through email: chamachamwananchiccm@yahoo.com. or call +254 700333511, 0723 454063, 0721201135, 0723525222


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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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