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KENYA a politically Suicidal Nation

Dear readers

Lets not kid ourselves and the world.  You may not like what I have to say here but if you are a member of a Kenyan tribe or just by association just read on and let me know your take if you like. Its not a joke. Most Kenyan communities went to elections with a conviction that IEBC would attend to our tribal dreams and interests during the 4th March 2013 elections. We all hopped that IEBC election officials would be nice to our candidates and allow them to win without question. We did not want to say what was in our mind when we read that some government civil servants wanted a certain candidate. There was sadness and jubilation at the same time. What went wrong? Political suicide

Wonders started happening immediately and at the end of the exercise 10.7 million Kenyans had voted for MPs, senators, governors, MCA’s and women representatives, but about 12.4 million turned out for the presidential vote. I hope IEBC knows how that happened since every voter had to get six ballots for that election and were given out to the voter at the polling station all at once. Am about to believe in Miracles happening that day.

CCM fielded over 350 candidates apart from president and governors. In several meetings CCM had questioned the IEBC on the possibility of poll-book failures during voting day and how prepared IEBC was to stem out the possibility of rigging in favor of certain candidates.

Meanwhile for months and especially last 2 weeks before election tribal politics were on a roller coaster taking this nation straight to the days where what mattered most was not about national healing and national vision but what monied politicians wanted – political power by all means for what ends God knows. The end here would justify the means

As a Secretary General, an observer and Chief National Agent for my party I was not shocked when I saw the failure of poll books of the polling station I voted from – Nairobi County at Starehe NSSF grouds. The machines failed in the first 2 hrs of voting. Photos or names missing from the voter register for some candidates and voters was evident.

At the end of the day Kenyan communities collectively performed some electoral ballot paper miracles and left poor IEBC to take the blame yet the poor commissioners never voted.  Yet we badly wanted our presidential candidate to win with as many votes as possible and never minded how little the rest got from our miracle pens on ballot papers.

Our presidential candidates had to win by all means. No loser from our communities zones apart from a few whom we thought were projects of other communities or were just plain jokers who enjoyed helicopter rides, presidential debates and good feelings whenever they publicly blamed our candidates for crimes we decided not to believe they were responsible. To us our community presidential candidates were like Moses ready to take us inside Canaan the land of plenty and freedom from fear of other Kenyan communities domination.

I pity IEBC commissioners. As the officials artificially smiled in front of cameras inside Bomas of Kenya national tallying center, outside in our polling stations and county tallying centers they failed to detect our ballot paper miracle tricks in time to ask for divine intervention to stop it. In any case we had to win. And IEBC had to promise all was well and nothing went wrong only a few poll books were off. IEBC knows the law and political parties code of conduct.

But we Kenyan communities fear being taken to Hague so much not the code of conduct. We knew we had to sing peace and the national anthem at every opportunity at Bomas to remind ourselves we had signed some forms to keep peace. We liked so much when IEBC reminded us about it and that it had 7 days for us to wait for results. We badly needed to hear that we had all that time too to update and conclude implementation of our miracle figures. Our plan B was in place if the worst happened we would immediately refuse to accept defeat sitting down.  We would find someone to take the blame in court. And that we have done expecting to turn tables or allow miracles to remain miracles.

Its clear tribal political power can be used to protect even personal interests at the cost of the community, security, national stability, constitutional and human rights.

I have always said Kenya needed a socialist political revolution. May be its time for that to happen so that we can huddle the elephants in the room. Tribalism, fear, impunity, poverty and political arrogance. Meanwhile the right to belong to either warring political camps remains and no one should be seen as a traitor by having a membership of either.

As we hold our peace, it is within our constitutional rights as parties to publicly gather without the state telling us when and when not to meet as long as our intention is to talk and organize our party members for any reasonable matters. Peace must be accompanied by justice done in good time.

By Dick Kamau


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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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