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Wherever a few people wish to control and direct a mass of humanity, there are certain key structures that have to be in place. These are the same whether you are seeking to manipulate a tribe, a county or country.

It is hard to believe that to rule and dominate Kenyan poor is that easy. The first thing politicians have been doing is making sure the people are intact in their prison mind – full of rigid beliefs and fundamentally limited sense of reality – the sheep pen. It doesn’t matter what these beliefs might be, so long as they are rigid and discourage free thought and open-minded questions.

These mind blindness has now been extended to the Kenyan media where the government elites have threatened them with dare consequences if they dared air divergent opinions apart from those of expressed by those presumed to be in power or intended to take power.

First these tribal cultic leaders set the ‘Norms’, what is considered right and wrong, possible or impossible, sane or insane, good and bad. In Kenya most of the people and especially in Kikuyu land will follow those norms without question because of the baa-baa mentality, which has prevailed within the collective impoverished minds wananchi  for years.

Second, the Kenyan politicians make life very unpleasant for those who challenge imposed ‘norms’. Such as – all shall cast their vote for our son and no one dares do otherwise as long one is from our enlightened tribe. It shall be a community to be different.

A number of Kenyans get killed and jailed, in the name of national security, branding them a danger to National Security.  These leaders use men paid thugs to torture others sick , and have their wives and daughters raped. Most of the enslaved Kenyans end up in slums of all grades such as Korogocho, Kibera and Mathare they become the internally displaced.

So to these leaders all those who beat different drums, or voice a different view, version of ‘truth’ and life style, be they members of their political parties or secret cultic organizations stand out like black sheep in the human herd ready for sacrifice.

Kenyan enslaving politicians have already conditioned the poor to accept imposed norms as reality and so, in their arrogance and ignorance, they then ridicule or condemn those with different spin on life.

To make sure impoverished Kenyans don’t call their situation a prison the politicians and their counterparts in religions give it many names and find someone to blame for the situation. Namely to blame is insecurity and laziness of the masses who do not want to dirty their hands and want free things..

To bundle the Kenyans in political bandwagons and drive them to the gallows of poverty and all the above enemies of development, our politicians promise to end all the above evils. The leaders promise their coalition government and their parties are committed to end what they call national evils as soon as they hold power in their hands.

In public they promise a new beginning for a better future, and in private they  tell their tribes the seat of power belongs to them as a tribe. they tell them it is their turn to eat since other tribes have been eating and helping their own eat the national cake. What a lie. Their status will be the same or even worse for days on end.

These leaders see no need of decontaminating the government system they takeover and gladly inherit all intact and soon start using the system to their advantage of self preservation.

As their predecessors used to do, the riot police start beating and killing poor protestors trying to ask for more beans in their prison.

Honorable increase their salaries and benefits purportedly to prevent them steal public funds under their control. Meanwhile members of the huge prison CALLED KENYA continue to die of luck of justice, medicine and food.

The politicians term the refusal to clean the past mess a means to uniting the people and a policy of not opening healing wounds of the past. Instead of administering justice to the oppressed these politicians in government invite the former leadership they replaced to GIVE political ADVICE.

Since the politicians need to keep the masses politically hypnotized, they create commission after commission of investigations – in fact naming some of politicians and senior former civil servants they are supposed to replace, judges and members of commissions, diplomats, permanent secretaries and chairpersons and government boards and corporations.  All the new leaders do purportedly in the name of making the past leaders pay for the crimes they committed against the mind imprisoned masses is a big lie..

Miraculously the mind imprisoned terrified subjects don’t realize that the presence of former government politicians and their gatekeepers in the new government leadership is not about national unity. It is about tribal alliances for power monopolization. It is about class protection and preservation.

Once the Kenyan politicians have the herd mentality policing itself, they create phobias and factions within the herd and set them to a word-war with each other. This is easily done by creating ‘different’ belief systems that are not different and bringing them into occasional conflict.

These belief systems are known as, religions, political parties, my tribe-small or big, economic theories, cultures, them and us and isms of endless variety. These belief systems that are played all over, including in government, opposition in government and opposition in opposition opposing government are perceived as ‘opposites’ when they are oppo-same.

When the crafty Kenyan leaders have spanned the set norms this creates an ongoing situation in which the masses police themselves and keep each other in line. The sheep become sheepdog for the rest of the herd.

It is like an innocent prisoner sentenced to death waiting for the execution day trying to escape, while the rest of his cellmates rush to stop him, arrest him and hand him over to the prison guards, and plead with the prison courts to hang the escapee. His crimes this time trying to escape from a prison life the other prisoners think no one should disturb. It is the home they know and are used to living it as it is. If that happened in a prison, we would say the prisoners were crazy, how could they do that?

Kenyans as mind prisoners in a large prison called Kenya are doing precisely this to each other every day by demanding that everyone conform to their tribalistic and corrupt leaders’ norms. To which they blindly conform. I see a man like Isaac

Its amazing to watch and see even those pretending to having a free mind, given their social political positions in Kenyan society, living in great fear of tomorrow. We see this in our daily experience of people in uniform and others from the masses who are promoted to power over the masses.

The phobia mentality of titles fear : Yes Sir, Yes Madam, Afande, Bwana, Mkubwa, honorable member of parliament, Holy Fathers, Father Priest, Teacher, Principal, Sheikh, endless Excellencies, Dr, professor and other endless intimidating tittles that makes everyone of the victims have someone to fear. Try to not use those titles while addressing one of the owners of those titles and you are accused of disrespect and subordinating.

The above titles serves to put the herd known as the elites’ system drivers tight in one corner of the same mass pen all along thinking they are different from the common herd and above mind prison life. I have seen former so and so wanting to retain their former titles such as Hon mp and Excellencies diplomats, retired president, former Minister of government, former Bishops and etc.

The vision of reality and possibility within the pen is so limited. The ruling elite have to create the perception of what is acceptable, unacceptable, good and bad, godly and evil to manufacture the divisions that allow them to divide and rule.

What paradise is there for someone who is so religiously mind controlled to a point of blowing himself up and others not like him in the name of Allah, or someone killing others of other faiths for Christ’s sake and in the name of spreading the word of god for god’s kingdom? The overall theme is exactly the same – the imposition of one person’s belief on another. By now dear reader you must have realized where we stand now.

While the Kenyan masses are so busy fighting each other in many ways, and seeking to impose their beliefs and views on each other, they don’t see that the leaders have strings attached to all of them.

For control purposes, two techniques are being used often on Kenyan masses. One is known as ‘Problem-reaction-solution’ and the second is known as Stepping-stones approach.

The first technique work something like this: the ruling elite know that if they propose to remove basic freedoms, start a hate campaign or tribal animosity there will be a negative reaction from a section of the awakening prisoner masses.

So the elite use the never failing Problem Reaction Solution tactic. The mission could be the president or parliament wanting more powers over the prisoners, rejecting their call for freedom of choice of how their leaders should lead them and when they should be constitutionally kicked out of office or restrained from taking oppressive measures.

It could be creating a legislation to enable the elite use their tribe to cling to political power. It could be a foreign donor country’s call to enact anti terrorists law while the real need for the ruling elite to speed the legislation is to have basic human freedoms for the mind imprisoned removed in the name of fighting terrorists.

So, the Kenyan ruling elite, using their mostly reliable media channels, report to themselves the problems they themselves have covertly created in the way they wish the masses to perceive the problems. They find someone to blame and spin the background to these events in a way that encourages the mind imprisoned masses to demand that something must be done. These are the words they want to hear, so they arrange public meetings for the herd and indoor meetings for the gate-keepers to announce their findings of the plot.

Then the sting comes. They openly offer solutions to the problems they covertly created.

When they craftily want it to appear as if the solution comes from the masses, both those in government and opposition ask the masses for a response that will lead to the same end.

It is like asking a prisoner if he wanted to die by hanging or by shooting and demanding a yes or no answer which ends up not saving the prisoner’s life. It is all a mind game. In the second technique the masses are as always the stepping-stones in this game of power and money.

Majority Kenyans hate the truth being told about their part in creating the mess they find themselves in. Indeed most mind imprisoned Kenyans and their jail-keepers are like moths buzzing around a light, so mesmerized by their jail’s extra menus in the names of:  religious beliefs, their tribes’ position in government, their rich sons and daughters in powerful political, military and financial institutions.

To those in higher government posts they are busy pleasing their political godfathers, while ignoring the masses they owe no allegiance but claim to serve. Wonders never end in this country.

While in above states they fail to notice the preparations being made to imprison them in the prison they were born in forever.

I confess that I wrongly thought the poor Kenyans all along knew where they wanted to go.  I thought they knew where they stood. I  have always known that the means to where  want to go is their journey to be traveled by themselves only. And I also know that no matter what, whom or why they believe someone else would walk the miles for them to be free, its only the poor who can guarantee their safe arrival.

As I end the letter I hear the prison boss shout “incitement” to scare you and me. But by now you and I know that we don’t need the jailer to set us free. We need only ourselves to set ourselves free. Let us decide what we have all wanted to but feared the jailers.

I have a hunch you have always known the price to pay to be free. There is no need to justify your need for freedom to anyone at least not to your mind jailer.

The writer is the Secretary General CCM.


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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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