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Jiggers are having a field day in Kenya today. A jigger dance is on. Kenya is a very sick Nation. I have a felling that the minds of most poor Kenyans are infested with more serious mind pests than the current jigger invasion. They have been sick in a political and economic Intensive care unit. I wonder if millions of Kenyans can ever live a life worthy living if this reality continues.

Yet instead of joining hands to chart their own destiny as one Nation majority Kenyans who are almost walking dead because of the poverty eating them away are celebrating the winning of presidential elections by one of their own tribesman. As if this is not enough others are even hanging themselves because one of their son did not get the seat. This is where jigger dance of the mind begins it doesn’t end here it kills.

One wonders why the past pompous leaderships didn’t want to salvage the situation. Imagine the sad news that 1.5 million children are almost disabled totally due to jigger infestation that doesn’t spare even a week old child. Yet the incoming president promised to give laptops to school children. Could these children promised laptops include the jigger infested ones? Wonders never cease in this sick nation.

No wonder the leaders are telling the outside world to leave us alone since we are a free people. What freedom is there to a people ravaged by jiggers and dogged by hunger and floods everywhere? How free are poor Kenyans when the leaders they elect just turnout to be hyenas in sheep skin ready to eat them un shaved?

For the last ten years I have heard all about jiggers in Central, Western, Rift valley and Eastern Kenya. The amazing thing is those jiggers are found in areas that produce presidents and deputy presidents. Just imagine one can be consumed by jiggers right across the resident of a president in Central Kenya areas.  Am made to understand that jiggers are sign of extreme poverty. The sufferers have little access to clean decent homes.About 4 percent of Kenyans are jigger infested and living in deplorable conditions of extreme poverty.

Meanwhile it is in records that come elections and results are announced these poor jigger infested  Kenyans despite having their feet and hands disabled by jiggers are out of their homes past midnight  dancing to celebrate presidential victory for the person they call their son. What an illusion of themselves benefiting from the seat. Yet they are openly told loud and clear that the seat belongs to the winner and the full bread  belongs to his family and cronies.

I  cant even imagine how they are able to associate themselves with wining yet they are losers for so many years and will continue to lose for many other years as they continue with the jigger poverty dance. The most affected ones from Central province have had 2 presidents close to them and a third one now who is the son of the first president. Western had 2 vice presidents. Eastern had 1 vice president and Rift Valley had 1 president and now a deputy president yet jiggers are on the rise in these locations. Poverty is eating them away assisted by jiggers.

No wonder retired presidents live far away from their jigger breeding areas which they failed to eradicate. They live in homes worth billions of shillings money taken from state coffers.

Kenyans are very unlucky with themselves in the front-line sabotaging themselves and their own children salvation from poverty. Their leaders have large stomachs and small heads hence hunger for more and more money for themselves in total disregard of the suffering population. Is there a solution at hand. Shall majority poor class Kenyans ever have a day they shall sing the song of freedom form their slave masters living among them?



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