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UHURU A GRANDSON OF A UGANDAN KING. Kenyans swallow your pride


Kikuyus have you read the 13 th April 2013 weekend STAR that says Uhuru is Ugandan. Just get a copy and see that Ugandans are claiming that Uhuru is a grandson of Kabalega king of Bunyoro in Uganda. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was the son of Kabalega who on his way through Kenya met and fell in love with a nurse who fathered him a soon called Kamau Ngengi in Kikuyu Kiambu District.

Kenyans have always thought they are masters of fathering political leaders to lead other Nations such as America. They too have been played same game. After the news by the STAR now even Raila is said to be from Northern Uganda. One time in mid 90s while talking to Kenyans living in Stockholm Sweden he was met by some Ugandans from North led by a Mr Michael who reminded him not to forget his ancestor’s home in Uganda if he would become president. They reminded him of his father’s many visits to Northern Uganda and the promises he made to them never to forget his origin.

If Luos are from Uganda, the Luyas from Uganda and the Kikuyus from South Africa who owns Kenya? Who is more Kenyan than the other? Its time we come out of the box and face reality as it is and for the sake of our survival stop this nonsense of tribalism. Otherwise as jiggers eat us unshaven, if true as news reports and rumors indicate, sons of Kings from across will rule us for so long.

Remember Moody Awori who was once Kenya VP? He was said to be Ugandan and he never denied. His brother Agrey Awori was at the same time trying to be president in Uganda. Museveni had even in public asked Moody to talk to his brother Agrey and ask him to cooperate with him instead of opposing him. That happened and the brother joined government side.  And now Uhuru their grandson?

If the unverified claims turns out to be true and Uhuru is a son of a King in Uganda, then Kenya has been under Uganda for so long and it is time to shop for a Kenyan to be president here come next elections. What about Moi being said he was son of a Sudanese? He never denied the rumor.   Who will Kibaki turnout to be another Ugandan ?  I hope not although Uganda president said that in his youth Kibaki lived in Uganda campaigning for Uganda independence not Kenya’s.Who asked him to do it in Uganda instead of here, yet we had not gained independence yet? After studies at Makerere he taught there instead of Kenya. Why? He was Kenyatta’s friend but decided to come back here to join him in his government. No struggle for Kenya

Given the above claim by Ugandans I do not understand why many ordinary  Kikuyus thought Raila was Uhurus enemy even after both declared they were personal friends.  I too cannot even have an idea as to why a Luo hanged himself when Raila was reported as having lost the petition. I have no imagination as to why the Kalenjins thought the person who stood between them and regaining political power was Raila. I am not sure why over 6 million voters for Uhuru dismissed over 5 million Railas voters as just one person against 6 million. Now what do you see when you look hard in Kenyan politics? There no permanent opponents or mates in politics and a week in politics can just change what many take as cast in stone.

I had several confrontations with kikuyus who thought Uhuru just needed to finish Raila politically and thereby make sure Luos will never rule Kenya. I told that person I will call mucene that he was just dreaming and that soon he will have a thing or 2 to learn about political illusions of ordinary Kenyans.. I hope today he has learned to shut his big useless mouth and concentrate on treating his jigger infested tribal mind.

Looking from a distance, really, every person calling himself original Kenyan is just having illusions, since no one can with evidence show that they owned Kenya. How true is the story of Gikuyu and Mumbi having had only 9 girls who married and brought forth the Kikuyu population? Where the hell did they get husbands? From the sky? from the Masai? from Uganda?.

The Kikuyus origin story told by the so called Kikuyu elders is just as fake as the elders themselves. The Kalenjin story is also as fake as that of the Kikuyus. At least Luos admit they came by River Nile. Last time I was in Uganda the Bachiga told me they believe Kikuyus were their real brothers although they are Bantus they understood 60 percent of Kikuyu Language. could it be that East Africa people are all immigrants to this region? Someone help us here.



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