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The Nurse Said My Belly Fat Would Kill Me By Christmas

Then I Surprised Everyone By Losing 90 Pounds Of Fat… JUST By Eliminating This ONE Food

You’ll Never Have To “Diet” Again (Or “Do Exercises”) If You Just Stop Eating This One Food Group

Short story that I know will resonate with you…

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve experienced a number of “challenges” when it comes to my overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

I don’t have the ability to do the same kind of exercises a 30 or 40 year old can. I wish I could. But the aches and pains are too much to deal with.

I have 7 grandkids. Their energy levels astonish me. Each year I find it harder and harder to keep up with them.

I used to just chalk it up to old age.

…until a random visit to the hospital turned my life upside down.

Our local hospital was putting on a free bloodwork clinic for the community.

I hadn’t been to a hospital in years. Frankly, I hate hospitals. The thought of being hooked up to oxygen machines and being fed with tubes is absolutely terrifying to me.

But my wife insisted I go. Got to keep the wife happy 🙂 so I went.

I could see in the nurse’s face when she took my blood pressure that something was wrong.

She checked it a second time.

Then a third.

Then she looked me in the eye and said “Mr. Burge, you’re going to have a stroke or a heart attack before you leave this building.”

Apparently, I was a ticking time bomb.

I was too shocked to speak. My wife began to weep.

I realized in that moment that being overweight was no longer a “luxury” I could afford.

No longer could I say “It would be nice to lose weight.”

It had come to this: lose weight, or take a short trip to the morgue.

I thought of my son Ken. He had recently turned his own high blood pressure around and lost a lot of weight.

Whatever he was doing was working.

So I picked up the phone, rang his number and said “Son, I need a miracle. What is the quickest, surest way to lose weight?”

I braced myself, expecting him to recommend brutal military workouts or some kind of starvation diet.

But all he said to do at first was to STOP eating one particular food.

I did eat a lot of this food everyday (you probably do as well), so eliminating it from my diet would take some adjustment…

Still, it seemed too easy.

But whatever he was doing was obviously working for him, so I took his advice to heart and stopped eating this food immediately.

I still can barely believe what happened next.

First, let me share with you what I learned during that life-changing conversation.

Look at the picture below:

On the left and back you have cereal, orange juice and whole grain toast. On the right is a bacon and egg (with fried tomato) breakfast.

One of these breakfast items will literally force your body to gain weight.

Before I continue, let me say this.

My wife and I have been eating “healthy” for a long while (so we thought).

Uncle Sam's

Our morning ritual is Uncle Sam’s whole grain cereal (or Organic Weetabix Crispy Flakes — we alternate for variety) and a slice of whole grain toast.

Healthy, right?

Well, not really.

In fact it turns out that our “healthy breakfast” wasn’t so healthy after all.

These grain based “health foods” (breads, grain based cereals, pasta, etc) signal your body to store fat, regardless of what exercise you do or what other kinds of food you eat.

I didn’t want to believe this at first. How can whole grain cereal and bread be bad?

Well, it gets worse.

Because the really evil part is that the government tells us it’s good for us. It’s part of their official “Food Pyramid.”

So, if you follow their guidelines like most people blindly do (including yours truly), you are silently telling your body to store gobs of fat each and every day!

I was completely shocked when Ken told me this.

I had no idea. I had been living a lie.

But Ken had a very simple solution.

One that can instantly flip a fat burning switch in your body and force it to drop all the excess pounds.

…without pills, starvation dieting, extreme workouts, or boring cardio.

Want to know what happened after that phone conversation?

Since I took Ken’s advice, here’s what’s happened to me:

  1. I have lost 91 pounds. This was over the course of just one year. It was far easier than I expected, and I never once felt hungry.
  2. My blood pressure has dropped from 155/90 to 110/75. My wife and family no longer have to worry about me dropping dead of a stroke or heart attack. I take NO medication whatsoever.
  3. At 66 years old, I feel as healthy and energetic as I did in my 30s. Keeping up with my 7 grandkids used to be next to impossible for me. Not anymore!
  4. My extreme fatigue and dramatic mood swings have disappeared. My creativity and “zest for life” have come roaring back as well!
  5. The only exercise I did was the occasional walk with my wife. I recently started playing full-court basketball 3 times a week (something I never thought I’d be able to do again)… but only because I love it!

Ken is a natural teacher, so my wife and I encouraged him to share his simple method with the larger community.

Ken has since made it his personal mission to bring this simple message of natural weight loss and nutrition to the world.

It’s all in this powerful video presentation Ken made right here. Turn up your speakers and click the play button to watch. Enjoy!

Primal Burn Video

Click Here to watch the video

I really hope it has the same impact on you as it did on me. Because the information you’re about to learn has literally saved my life.

– Paul Burge

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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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