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What is Gema up to? By Alex Ndegwa Facing accusations of lukewarm support for the Proposed Constitution and lack of a clear Kibaki succession strategy, Central Kenya leaders united under Gema to chart a way forward. Top on the agenda of caucus — dubbed Central Kenya Referendum Forum — was charting a new political course … Continue reading

Presidential guards at State House, Nairobi clashed with US Secret Service agents

US Secret Service agents clash with Presidential security guards at State House Updated 11 hr(s) 59 min(s) ago Related Stories Biden’s wife visits Aids patients Tight security as US VP visits memorial park Biden: MPs crucial in reform process Parliament: MPs resume ahead of budget Tight security as US Vice-President jets in Tight security as … Continue reading

Kenya under fire from UN in Kampala

  By Patrick Mathangani in Kampala and Agencies The head of the global family of nations opened International Criminal Court performance review conference in Kampala with declaration of renewed war on impunity and universal legal revolution. Mr Ban Ki-Moon proclaimed eight years after the signing of the Rome Statute that the ICC had come of … Continue reading

Mutahi Ngunyi -War constitution why I say no

My name is Mutahi Ngunyi, citizen number 4855678. I am previously from the Gema Nation, before becoming a Kenyan. And my vote is a big fat No. I am not ambiguous; I am not thinking about it. It is a No. If I can be allowed, I want to vote tomorrow. No point waiting for … Continue reading


Here is the article of 20th May in the Daily Nation: Why I Say No to the New Constitution Today in Kenya, there is a crisis of writing a new constitution that is best explained by the words of the Russian revolutionary, V.I. Lenin – “one step forward, two steps back.” Just writing a new … Continue reading


New Constitution Is A Majimbo Constitution Fellow Kenyans, lend me your ears. Kenya has gone full circle to the majimbo constitution of 1963. Unnoticed, an ethnic scramble for Kenya has been going on and has now culminated in an agreement that we shall ratify in a referendum on 4th August, 2010. The agreement, not between … Continue reading