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At the risk of being misunderstood by my fellow Kikuyu slaves and their counterparts such as Luos, in the new slavery pen, I would like to give you a personally researched view of a today’s Kikuyu
and where each belong today.

I will begin with saying that to me almost all Kikuyus existing today are mostly slaves, a few are slave servants and least of them are slave masters.

Why are majority Kikuyus slaves while they own most of arable land and large sums of monies in Kenyan banks and abroad?  How comes they are slaves while they produced the first president of Kenya who gave them a lot of wealth at the expense of all the rest of Kenyans?  Many ask.

The problem comes when the majority Kikiyus think as true of the above claims by the rest of Kenyans and start boasting that: we are the most wealthy people in Kenya, we are the most hardworking people in Kenya, we are the most clever people in Kenya, we are the majority
tribe in Kenya and whoever is not with us cannot win presidential elections in Kenya. And many others that they are real men while others are something else. I miss words that could express my doubt in the above claims.

But looking deeper at what the Kikuyus became soon after independence proves to me that actually Kikuyus should start accepting their rightful position in Kenyan society today.  Modern Slaves.

Starting with the fact the majority of Kikuyus are voiceless and robotic to the tunes of their slave masters dead or alive starting with the late KENYATTA who sold them whole sale to new slave
masters in his government. The slave masters eg  such lords as Uhuru Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki,
Njenga Karume, John Michuki, Saitoti, religious leaders, and a few other rich bankers and property magnets operating a large tribal outfit running the minds of the slaves in the name of GEMA. How I wish GEMA was actually a commercial grouping as its ordinary members are told. Members of this tribe are being herded like sheep for slaughter. And when trouble comes a few of them can die but let
live their masters and their servants

Whenever the above call on their slaves the slave dance begins and whatever the above require of them they never question, and if any of them tries to question the rest many even kill him using the Mungikis an outfit created by the Kikuyu slave masters and run by the Kikuyus slave
servants such us Maina Njenga or any other political thugs.

Its amazing as to how such a thing can happen in front of their noses and yet see nothing wrong. This time they are being told that they have chosen son of the first black Kenyan slave master Uhuru
Kenyatta to be their tribes’ presidential candidate come 2012.

This Kikuyu herd never thinks for itself but the masters do in their place and in their name. In Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya you hear them say this time come elections they should all unite to give their son a chance to be president because if they don’t the person likely to win would kill all of them including their masters and that would be bad for the survival of the tribe.

They are told all the land they own would be taken away and they are given as an example the election results of the 2007 and what happened when they were evicted from Rift valley by politically
oriented Kalenjin thugs. Yet their original lands were taken away by the same families of the slave masters and they dare question the unquestionables.

They dare not ask why they are still in IDP yet they have Kibaki as the president? You can’t question the wisdom of the slave master while you are still a slave. They can’t ask what all this means and what happened to their lands that were taken and shared by their masters soon after independence.

Whenever I get a chance to try to give them some meaning to what they are asked to do by their masters I find it even hard since they do not believe they are slaves. while every indication points to the fact that they actually are robotic slaves mentally and otherwise and the trade to
enslave  their off-springs has gotten more tribal fuel in the name of GEMA. They floock in churches every day of the week thanking God for his great works in having a son of their own to inherit the presidency. Yet when trouble comes only the Kikuyu slaves are locked in a church and burned to death while their slave masters were planning how to keep power to themselves at the cost of their scoached slaves in Rift Valley.

They are like freed prisoners whose entire lives have been lived in maximum prisons and when they are released and told to leave prison they turn to their jailers and ask them what they mean by asking
them to leave the only lives they know? Actually they are today asking why should any Kikuyu man or woman even think of vying for president while Uhuru is still alive? In another meaning they ask why should their master be opposed? They even wonder why other Kenyan tribes
dream of ever ruling Kenya without a Kikuyu being the president. They are currently being told which slave masters will grab the governor and senator county seats within Gema Counties.

They are already sure which slave master is better than the other in running the lives of the slaves and that one has already won without a problem. How the Kikuyus like to be enslaved beats logic.
Someone out there is also looking at the Luos and their slave masters and servants whom I have personally known for some time. They too borrowed slavery methods from Kenyatta slave masters and acquired massive wealth in terms of billions and large lands too.

The Luos as are the Kikuyus are not so a free people given the fact that both tribes are fanatics when it comes to enthroning one of their slave masters regardless of their cruelty as they go about salve

Someone is saying the Kalenjins had Moi as a slave master and he too made sure they join the rest of the 2 tribes by imprinting slave mentality in their heads and now they are singing Ruto’s song
without asking themselves why Ruto? And the Kambas, the Mulimutisyas are gone but new slave masters are emerging as fast as in other areas and the Kambas are told only Kalonzo can save them from domination of the Kikuyus and Luos and that they must join other slaves to make their son head of state since he is just a step away from Milinani. They too are sinking deep in slavery.

But can the above tribal  slaves ever listen with understanding what their enslaved but brave sons are telling them? I would like to tell you what the bravest sons and daughters of the slaves would tell their parent slaves:

They tell us, dad that we are weak—unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when
shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a masters’ guard shall be stationed in every house?

Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

Dad, we are not weak.

The brave one would end by saying to his master: I know not what course others may take,
but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

To make matters worse as the enslaved sleep hungry and impoverished, the slave masters’ sons, brothers, uncles and unties are getting ready to inherit the masters at anytime by sabotaging the prison escape of the enslaved masses.  They are ready to kill and silence justice as long as they live to remain masters of the Kenyan ordinary person they turned into a mindless and sickly slave parroting about the virtues of tribalism. Can you imagine that the ICC six have implanted themselves as heros soon after the massacres committed in post election violence. No wonder masters are masters when right or wrong.

Some of who you who have witnessed the above story are willing to keep it up and continue to say it
loudly that there is a way to freedom and the road is not that long as long as there is a will to walk it. We know that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. Apatriot must always be ready to defend his country against his/slave masters’ government.


By Dick Kamau




About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.



  1. I like this article very much and it is very true. I am a Kikuyu and following your description, i would argue i am not one per se but the reason i comment is because i believe if the Kikuyu stopped being a slave, then the rest of Kenya would wake up. Until then, we all continue struggling and writing and hope our consciousness awakens quicker better than later.


    Posted by Irene Wamaitha Waweru | January 10, 2012, 11:13 am
  2. Reblogged this on alphawriter and commented:
    So sad

    Posted by alphawriter | April 14, 2012, 1:29 pm
  3. A great thought BUT what are you doing as a wise man to get your tribes men and women out of this mess?

    Posted by Captain Njoroge Njer (@captainwanjeri) | July 7, 2012, 1:29 am
  4. I am a Taita Woman and I love your honesty. Don’t get me wrong: most of my best friends and people who have helped me the most are Kikuyus. I totally agree with you about the scare tactics that are used by politicians and many Kenyans are the slaves of the elites, not just a handful of rich Kikuyu people. We all have someone who feeds people with fear of other tribes as the basis on which to vote and hold on to power. Small tribes are told to fear Kikuyus as they will take over all our lands, all the jobs because they are the dominant tribe. Small tribes like Taitas make protest votes election after election based on unfulfilled promises. Why can’t Kenyans get justice without pandering to tribalism? Why can’t we have policies that protect everyone? why must we have shaky political alliances based on nothing except desire to have power over the masses? The elite from the centre pull to the peripheries and perpetuate this slavery mentality and soon, if it is not stopped, we will all cease to feel safe outside cities. Who benefits from this fear and chaos? The Elites, our Slave Masters. I cannot even understand why we should vote tribal and it is time to start a party with a leader who is half Luo half Kikuyu or half Luhya half Taita or any politician who is married outside his tribe, and let everyone who has an in-law of another tribe join this new party. We have National Development Plans and District Development Plans. Can we honestly address issues addressed there so that no region will be left out. We can be fair to everyone and stop being manipulated by slave owners, the Elites of Kenya. many Kikuyus suffer but they do not have voices because all Kenyans think that they are privileged. They are not allowed to say that they are struggling to get ahead just like everyone else. And, BTW, who made Kikuyu land so unsafe and run over by deadly killers and criminals? Kikuyus leave wet Kiambu and run to Voi because they feel safe, sleep at night and can run their businesses happily. Kikuyus are smart and try to survive and fit in. Why does’t anyone address those killers and evil criminals that destroy what could have been a paradise? Kiambu near Gatundu is among the unsafest and sometimes people are harmed by their neighbours. Limuru ia another area prone to violence. And yet, you are told that you are privileged! What privilege without security? All the politicians that you have voted to parliament have not made Kikuyuland a good place to be. Now there is the Mungiki all over the place. Indeed, Kikuyus are slaves of fear. Make security as the foremost issue. You have schools, roads, businesses, hospitals, rich land……now every Kikuyu should stand up in arms and demand security. It is a human right. No one should live in fear of death, violence, theft etc. demand that the governments deals with the Mungiki in a better way than it does now…..killing before they are heard. Maybe take them for rehabilitation or something. I studied in Limuru Girls, I lived in Murang’a so I know your lives well enough. Good luck my good people.

    Posted by Phillipina FwaKishau | January 25, 2013, 8:19 am
    • Hi your response is great and informative. Keep writing here and we try to change these seemingly unchangeable situation. You have come out very clearly on kikuyus and their current situation.

      Posted by SG | January 15, 2014, 9:05 pm

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