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Billions stolen but gvt says its a political gimmick

MOI STOLE Guardian report says. Today Kibaki government defended Moi and said the report is a political gimick! Who is telling us the truth?  CCM believes the report is true and even left most of the assets unreported. Kibaki needs Moi and thus the will to tell Moi off during this election time and in a … Continue reading

Fresh chaos erupted in Mathare slums

By Cyrus Ombati Police officers arrest suspected Mungiki adherents at Mlango Kubwa in Mathare on Thursday. Fresh clashes in the slum left four people injured and several structures set ablaze. Picture by Stafford Ondego Fresh chaos erupted in Mathare slums when a group of residents attempted to evict suspected Mungiki remnants. Four people sustained head … Continue reading


By Caroline Mango Kibaki Tena lobby team leader has hit out at meddling party MPs, a day after reports linked the politicians to the cancellation of the Sh1 million-a-plate election slush fund luncheon. The chief executive officer of the Kibaki Tena team, Mr Lee Karuri, said the luncheon had nothing to do with Government friendly … Continue reading


Kenya Muslims say U.S. backed torture and detention Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:41 AM ET By Jeremy Clarke NAIROBI (Reuters) – Kenyan Muslims marched on police headquarters in Nairobi on Thursday in protest against what they called the illegal detention and torture of fellow Muslims in an anti-terrorist drive urged on by the United States. … Continue reading

keep Religion out of Politics

KENYA’S SOCIETY IS DIVIDED along many lines. There is, of course, the most fundamental, which is ethnicity. The tribe is the most basic characteristic of the various divisions of society. Then there is race, which though as basic as tribe, usually attracts little attention. And then there is religion.While Hinduism, Buddhism and the Sikh religion … Continue reading


By Mutula Kilonzo Story by The Standard This is what Mutula Kilonzo thinks about Kenyan politics. Our view in CCM is simillar but we are doing all we can to have our vision and Ideology clear to wananchi unlike all the rest of registered prties. Read on Mutula’s views. Contrary to the Constitution, none of … Continue reading


 BY CCM SECRETARY GENERAL Dick Kamau. Fellow wananchi, I have a feeling all is not well and we clearly need help to make our lives worth living in this dear country. Just like the poor in the rest of the world we too in Kenya have dreams, don’t we?  We all want to believe that … Continue reading

Pharaohs in ODMs and Narc-Kenya dream of power

MULUKA SAYS In the Standard today: The pharaoh is always the pharaoh, while Joe the dreamer of dreams remains a faithful dreamer.Joe is the relative of a man called Musa and others called Joshua and Caleb. I have read in the Christian book where it is written in Exodus 2 that this Musa man was … Continue reading


Its worrying when politicians talk majimbo ICE Case Studies Ethnic Cleansing and the Environment in Kenya CASE NUMBER: 46CASE MNEMONIC: KIKUYU CASE BACKGROUND ENVIRONMENT CONFLICT RELATED INFORMATION I. CASE BACKGROUND 1. Abstract During the week of October 15, 1993 violence erupted in the Narok district of Kenya’s Rift Valley province. Maasai morans, or warriors, attacked … Continue reading


  By Kipkoech Tanui There are brutal truths leaders, the public and ailing parties must confront because electioneering can be delusive. If we do not, we will probably be in the dung heap in January when we hope to have a new or re-elected Government. We always plan to win, but we tragically do not … Continue reading


By Martin Mutua and Caroline Mango   Outraged by perpetual quorum hitch in Parliament and a less than impressive performance by the Government side, President Kibaki summoned Cabinet ministers and their assistants for a dressing down. The meeting at State House, Nairobi, came after crushing defeats of Government in Parliament on important Bills, with huge … Continue reading


By Angela Kabiru The recent discovery of mass burials in Machakos has left people wondering what caused the deaths of so many people. Shallow graves have been discovered in areas where people have lived for long without knowing what lay hidden in the ground. Most graves are shallow pits and trenches, which appear to have … Continue reading


By Elizabeth Mwai The police force remains the most corrupt public institution, a new report by Transparency International says. Dr David Ndii, the lead researcher in the survey. The report also accuses lawyers of being conduits of corruption within the Judiciary and ranks them among the most corrupt professionals.“The entry of lawyers in the top … Continue reading

Kenyans! Arise and liberate the country from politics of deceit

Kenyans! Arise and liberate the country from politics of deceit Publication Date: 8/20/2007 For four months, Kenyans will witness an epic political war meant to define both the country’s future and the personal ambitions.Coalition of parties and individuals will do political and self-interested battles on simultaneous fronts.  The questions that beg for answers are: Do … Continue reading


Clearly, “affirmative action” can contribute a morsel to a group’s liberation. But the group cannot rely solely on it. For to do so is to tie its fate to the “good will” of the hegemonic system. History teaches us that an oppressed group can liberate itself only by its own bootstraps. Nobody else can liberate women … Continue reading