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The launching of CCM-K-Sweden’s Branch on Saturday 28th 2007.

 Our conscience instructs us to build Kenya according to the instruction of Kenyans NEEDS and not to the benefit of exploiting minority.

Fellow brothers and sisters, countrymen and all other entities, Kenya is calling for help! Democracy is a process that is very slow and demanding.In comparison to other countries before us, to achieve a state of freedom and democracy, many lives were lost, enormous resources and uncounted time has been spent to establish democracy that a few currently enjoy.Kenyans, the hope of all reasonable citizens and many well wishers from outside, is that our democracy for our sake and for the sake of our children may not need to take as long time to be established as it has taken the western society.

Our ideology

Our branch is entirely independent and works within its own guidelines.We however co-operate with CCM mother branch in Kenya with both branches guided by our political star, backup and reference; the ideology of social democracy!

Our aim is to reform capitalism in order to remove its perceived injustices in Kenya

Is there short cut to democracy?

Is there  short cut to democracy? We have all opportunities wide open. The period we spend on earth is perhaps short but a democracy that lasts must be built on solid ideas rather than popular individuals or religion. Fellow Kenyans, anything we do counts, any intelligent action we take toward our goals is paramount.

Why CCM?

It is due to many crucial reasons and obligations that CCM-K Sweden has been stimulated to start a war against injustice. CCM K Sweden is an independent political party and a daughter to the mother CCM Chama cha Mwananchi back in Kenya.The overall goal of CCM-K Sweden is to create awareness, liaise and network with international democratic entities, civil rights movements and substantially manifesting our ideas in the guidance of the social democracy to the Diaspora people of Kenya.


In order for any society to develop it is crucial that its citizens are well and rightfully educated.
Education is crucial for the development of a modern, democratic and tolerant society. The goals of education which we advocate, are:
– information, learning and knowledge;
– the passing of a spiritual and cultural heritage from generation to generation;
– the preparation of the individual for life within society on the basis of equal opportunity for all;
– helping each individual to develop his full personal potential.
The values of freedom, social justice, solidarity and tolerance must be central messages in the process of education.
We advocate tolerance and cooperation between different groups in multicultural societies. Cultural diversity enriches rather than endangers our societies. Cultural uniformity is a threat to freedom and democracy.
We will continue to create awareness that Kenya has the potential to give social security and public pension,Individual liberties’ and also freedom from discrimination, freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of abusive political power. Equality and social justice-not only before the law but also economic and socio-cultural equality as well, and equal opportunities for all including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities.

And most important is solidarity-unity and a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice and inequality.

We are freedom fighters in the modern war fair. Our consciousness push us further to even widen the network of freedom fighters both at home and over sees.

Our domestic problems

 We are all aware of our domestic problems and we shall achieve solution. We are blessed that we are part of the solution and therefore civilized strategies shall be put in place to counter strike the ruthless mismanagements of these selfish regimes. We shall win! The people of Kenya shall come out winners.Democracy though difficult to have it permanent, is always temporary in nature. The people of Kenya seam to be bonded in somewhat traditional and cultural believes to never stand against the corrupt authority.

We are the chosen Every single Kenya and African at large is chosen to reclaim fundamental human right given to us by God; Freedom! Yes.. Freedom is taken by the oppressed and never given by the oppressor!The need for freedom is rooted deep in our born marrow. It is manifested in our spirit and with faith and courage we are determined to fight that the chains of the economical slavery, the victimization due to poor education and the poverty related diseases that ruins our lives shall be terminated by good governance of the people.

While we never actually achieved the freedom that our patriotic countrymen and women died for because of what we have repeatedly mentioned, the power of the neocolonialist mesmerizes us with his hypocritical strategies. Neocolonialist powers employ economic, financial, and trade policies to dominate us in all sectors. We must indicate to them that we know what is going on and we are chosen to stop the looting of our country.

It’s us who work, pay taxes treat the seek, clean, take care of the society’s children, make teach in schools and employed as security personnel for the country loat unmercifully.

Most of the rich minority acquired their wealth through the “normal old way”-exploitation of the poor and powerless.

The NEED for democracy

Moreover, the need for true democracy though we are aware that it almost never exist as a permanent form of government, but to have the right to express yourself without being intimidated, to have the right to influence important decisions that affects our lives is paramount for us.

A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”


We must be courageous to fight corruption at all cost. Our liberty is in abundance for as long as we trace it. All men are born free and by this reason, we strive to achieve complacency- self-satisfaction. Kenya is blessed with a lot of resources that must be protected and utilized in equal terms among all citizens of this country. How then can we do this without being bias? As I said before, we have been chosen! We are hand picked by the creator of heavens and all than is existing on the universe to create better foundations for change.Brethren, we have been hypnotized by Kenyan bad governance that has contained us in apathy. We have lost the ability to react on abuses taking place in our vicinity.

We must have a government of the people

We are totally dependent on the government that has done nothing else since independent that ensuring that corruption, nepotism, tribal boundaries and illiteracy and powerlessness remains in our society.

It is the power that gives the ruling minority mileage from the so called common man.

We are depending on government that produces nothing to the working majority but shamefully enjoys the fruits produced to them by the marginalized majority.

We have been once again enslaved, this time by our own people- the new master! We refuse to go back to primitivism neither shall we accept to retain passiveness installed to us by both successive regimes.

Invited to join CCM

CCM K Sweden invites all Kenyans to join hands to fight our common enemy. As the Chairman of CCM K Sweden, I take this opportunity to declare war on bad governance in our society. We cannot do it alone without you.Comrades, please understand our plight and the need to patronize each other and particularly on issues pertaining our survival. By joining CCM you have understood that the rich/capitalist can never fight for the poor for it would be suicidal if all the workers they exploit turns around and say Enough! And just walk away to form their own co-operatives to support themselves. Many tribes and groups of people has been exploited by both successive regimes due to their ignorance. Violence rapture just before election, destabilization of stable communities are therefore systematic strategies for selfish political figures apply in order to intimidate, frighten and win over entity who opposes bad governance .Community mobilization 

CCM-K Sweden wishes to mobilize individuals, groups and all other grass roots organization to stand up and face the truth! No one can solve your problems but yourselves.

Workers groups must unite themselves and establish foundations and knowledge for change. There cannot be any change in our society for as long as we a divided. There will ever be less development impact for us long as we fail to patronize each other. Solidarity is the key to any achievement.

I see no reason for workers of Kenya not to unite to out way the ruling master to give way for descent people to lead Kenya. We are not before our time without which these achievement should have been attained long ago.

We are tired of these blind un smart politicians who are so narrow minded that they only think in terms of tribal boundaries.

Patriotic Kenyans

Patriotism demnads that citizens must take charge very soon. It is our obligation to choose the shortest way to economical freedom in order to reduce time span for change in our society in for the sake of limiting human suffering and nature degradation caused by over exploitation by the capitalist.

Wealth declaration

My sincere demand is that all politicians, those in authority and citizens of Kenya should declare their wealth in order to be able to capture these ruthless looters. We intend to prepare Kenya to adapt and develop a just social welfare system that caters for all.We demand as well a descent equal sharing of resources.

Equal distribution of resources

The income from the natural resources that Kenya produces shall benefit Kenyans and not a few gluttonous politicians.Indigenous People Taking into consideration the marginalized societies. The government must recognize the conventional human rights on the indigenous people. Passed on Convention (No. 169) concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries.

Noting that in many parts of the world these peoples are unable to enjoy their fundamental human rights to the same degree as the rest of the population of the States within which they live, and that their laws, values, customs and perspectives have often been eroded, and The Maasai people of Kenya , for instance are mostly marginalized, Equally the tourist who visit Kenya are generally attracted due to the famous wildlife plus the Maasai warrior presence in Kenya.

Kenya’s tourist industry generated US $680 million in 2005 The nomadic societies are normally the major stakeholders but the government of Kenya has systematically chosen to deprive them from enjoying the income despite intensive objectification of the society. Our intention is to encourage Kenya to reform and recognize equally all people of Kenya.


To conclude, Kenya must have the responsibility for developing, with the participation of the peoples. Before the coming elections, Kenyans must ensure that they make wise decisions and vote for good ideas and not people for good ideas shall always stay but popular people will one day tarnish.

May God bless you brethrens

The Chairman Of CCM-K Sweden

July 27th 2007




2 thoughts on “CCM Sweden

  1. It is a good idea whose time has come.This is actually the oppotune time that the majority poor Kenyans woke to the naked reality that until and unless they unite to defeat the forces of poverty that bedevil them,then their aspirations of breaking the yoke is doomed.Their problems would not be relegated to the periphery by a simple action of change of guard at state house or having our man on the house on the hill but rather collective and concerted efforts by all of us and choosing leadership among the poor who actually understands our problems.
    The solution to poverty that bedevils our people must be borne by us by the realistic process of inclusion.We must reflect on the future with our open eyes and let our minds do the thinking and choose the right path.
    The big question is how many Kenyans are prepared to make this bold and wise decision when the time beckons.

    Posted by Gathogo | August 15, 2007, 10:56 am
  2. Brother Gathogo,
    When you put hungry people in a rum where food is available for gratis, they will eat and vacate the place as soon as food is finished. When you put the same people in a room where food is only available after having worked for it, then those people will do all what it takes to work and earn the right to eat to safe their lives.

    The problem is that we are put away from resources, opportunities and and any sort of information that can give us way through. We are separated and ruled in misery.
    We have nothing to loose coz we have already lost every thing!!!!
    The only power that we can use to change things in a matter of one casting session is our vote, if used rightfully. It would bring a total revolution!

    We must refuse to vote for lazy politicians and the greedy lot!!
    The marginalized lost tribe of Il laikipiak clan of the Maasai people, are asking for a constituency inorder to take control over their lives. Some old passive politician are preparing to snatch it from us as soon as it it is granted to us.

    This type of people are more harmful to our society’s development. They might be suddenly heard more louder than all of us,asking the president to give us a constituency

    They know that they will soon be jobless. Their plan B is to settle down and take their “Royal throne to the bush”
    This is not the reason why we are asking the president to give us a constituency rather it is for Kenyans to be able to develop their lives.

    We are not going to help these rich selfish figures to even become more richer.

    We are telling the community NOT to vote for any politician regardless who he or she is as long as they have been passive and ignorant to our plight.
    We are telling them to go home and enjoy what they rob from us before they pay it back!

    Posted by Maasaiwarrior | August 16, 2007, 10:41 am

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