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Fellow Kenyans wherever you stand now,

At the risk of being called a tribalist by fellow Kenyans hidding behind their tribal chiefs, to me it appears as if we are coming closer to the beggining of the end of a one Nation.

Tribal hatred and murderous machinations are at their highest peak. As I write from an internet cafe in Nairobi, evidence is everywhere that we are no longer a single nation but many. If you listen to the most hurt, the kikuyus, all they can now think is revenge. When ordinary folks from different tribes meet in a social place in the city you find they are from just a single community since no tribe trusts the other especially after the past elections.

When you hear the Luo and Kalenjin ordinary men talk they are happy that they are teaching the proud kikuyus a lesson of their life. The Luhya who at the start of the fighting didn’t seem to have known or had forgotten of a long time plan by the Kalenjins -1992-1997- to evict the Kikuyus from Rift Valley, are now silent and resigned from the mayhem. But their leader Mudavadi has no appologies for the murdered Kikuyus but only for those from luhya land said to have been shot by police during the looting mayhem.

The hard reality brushed aside by those hurting others is that many tribes have grouped to fight the Kikuyus blamed for having maginalised the rest. These people forget that there was no Kikuyu president in Kenya since 1978 when Kenyatta died up to 2003. Moi a Kalenjin was in power as de facto president who saw Kenya becoming a one party state and worse still a police state. For 24 years Kikuyus were under a none Kikuyu.

Until Moi turned a dictator, the majority of the today dying ordinary Kikuyus supported him. It wasnt until after the failed coup led by the Luo that things started becoming bad for Kikuyus and Luos. Also the Kisii were not spared for long.

Many Kikuyus as well as Luos were put in prisons while others were murdered by Moi’s dreaded special branch police mainly composed of Kalenjins. Some went into exile in the late 80’s and campaigned from there against one party dictatorship. Some other Kenyans also joined the demand for multiparty in 1990s. Some were angered by murders of innocent people who included his foreign minister. What Moi did to silence Kenyans was inhuman.

The wonder is that Moi is a free protected man enjoying stolen public funds from the Goldenberg scandals and many more. Kenyan prisons are indeed homes for the poor criminals and often innocent youth. Not for the rich and powerful criminals and politicians. Kibaki made sure Moi remained enjoying good life instead of sending him to the Hague. Even Raila promised Rutos and Kalenjins he would not jail Moi if elected president.

Moi’s phobia for democracy went on. During Moi’s period in power, Kikuyus were totaly maginalised and harrassed every waking day. The Luos were not either spared but were not as many as were the Kikuyus. Raila was one of those who opposed Moi until late 1990s when he joined Kanu and was a minister in the last stage of Moi’s government.

It was clear he had not abandoned his demands for a just rule yet. He joined forces with Kibaki and campaigned for Kibaki while he lay in a UK hopspital.

The 2 parted ways in 2004 after an MOU Raila and others from none Kikuyus claimed Kibaki failed to honor. The late Kijana Wamalwa knew all was not well when sitting in his Harambee House he told me of the Mafia in State House and of machinations to fell the hard won democracy by a few selfish individuals in the then opposition. He knew it but din’t live to stop it. Its happenning right here now.

Come 2007 general elections and the question remains what Kibaki and Raila were after- power ambitions for themselves or for the safity and well being of today’s troubled population? I bet we all know it is all about power and nothing else for themselves.

Its now clear to many free minds that for the 2 all was just a game of cards to power and riches for themselves. Otherwise the 2 would not have allowed state house occupation ruin the stability of this nation. The opposition had it been for the well being of this nation would have made it easy for security and stability of this nation to return by not chest thumping on how they will force Kibaki to step down at any cost but their own lives. They were willing to shed crodile tears for the grived families but not their own now well protected by heavily armed men paid or provided by state.

There is no doubt that between Raila and Ruto there is an element of betrayal. Raila never participated in the ethnic clashes of 1992 and 1997 in which 5,000 Kenyans died 90% of them being Kikuyus from Rift Valley and parts of Coast Province. I personally find it hard to imagine Raila ordering someone to shot dead a child or roast him in a church fire. Ruto is known to have uncontrolled hate for Kikuyus and that makes him a culprit in the mayhem visited on Kikuyus in Rift Valley. He is said to have links with the dreaded SLDF – SABOAT LAND DEFENCE FORCE fighting in Mt. Elgon. The Luhyas living there are suffering because of this militia too.

If Kenya finaly joins other warring nations and if deaths continue to be carried out by militias in Rift Valley, if the 2 sides of Kibaki and Raila’s mouth canons  continues to indirectly incite the ordinary Kenyans to war so that the 2 can remain in state house, if the 2 does not listen to the voices of the dying and harrassed, if the 2 does not stop their greed for power, if Ruto does not stop bayying for more bloodshed and call off the Kalenjin militias causing genocide, this nation will bleed to death. History will never forgive all of us good people sitting safely abroad and in Kenya’s posh estates.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing to stop bad things from happening. At such times is when heros are born. This is the time to stand on the side of the tormented and dying. It is time to do what ought to be done to end the suffering of innocent children. All is not about donations alone for the war victims. The root cause must be identified and eliminated fast. It not time to shed crocodile tears for the victims in the open and in secret call for more deaths and looting of enemy tribe property. Its time to stand up and be counted on the side of those saying violence must stop now and not later. It is time to realize its getting late and our efforts are needed to end suffering.

Let us tell this truth to ourselves and the rest of the watchiful world. The truth that all is not well despite our claims of the right to occupy the presidency. All the 2 gentlemen should remember is that it was the dying ordinary wananchi who cast their votes and whatever dispute must never lead to the death of even a sigle voter. The other reality is that its no secret that the killings especially those taking place in Rift Valley were planned long before elections. They were bound to happen even if Raila was now sitting in State house. He would have been much surprised had he not known it was planned long ago and lay waiting for a reason to hang on and blame the cause as the cause. The support Raila got from the Kalenjins have dented his true personality as good and merciful legend in the history of Kenyas’ struggle for democracy. This support has driven Kenya down the road to a hell on earth. But are there still good people out there covering the truth that can save us from ourselves?.

Come out and join peace makers, save a life and tell the truth in order to right the wrong. Be counted with the brave still standing in Kenya telling the 2 politicians and their henchmen to stop playing death games with the population.


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.



  1. maybe u r safe in your home and or you are just a product of tribalism.Thats why you think that this is about Raila or Kibaki. Believe me you are just in denial like those who think this is about kikuyu and luo.
    Kenya will have along way to go as long as kibaki does not hand over stolen presidency to Raila.

    Posted by collins jaluo | January 31, 2008, 12:43 pm
  2. Collins

    In my mail I said that all the 2 gentlemen should remember is that it was the dying ordinary wananchi who cast their votes and whatever dispute must never lead to the death of even a sigle voter.(does saying so make me a tribalist)

    I said that the other reality is that its no secret that the killings especially those taking place in Rift Valley were planned long before elections. They were bound to happen even if Raila was now sitting in State house.( I have never blamed Raila directly for what is happening now in Kenya. I usually does not personalize grave issues such as death. Am in the same country at present with Raila and Kibaki and what I can tell you is that no one is safe anymore in this sick country).

    I don’t see Kenya using a tribal or race blindfold, but with an open and reasonable mind. I don’t say things to please or to annoy anyone but hold the right to express myself in the best way possible. To me my rights border on the rights of other people to life and happiness. The 2 gentlemen see only their right to be president and ignore that we too have a right to life and when they violate that right through tribal incitements and machinations we have a right to force some sense of humanity into their increasingly selfish power games. For the likes of Ruto, one needs to only look at their shot histories and wonder how they found their way close to a liberator like Hon Raila. There are many rooten apples from both sides of PNU and ODM. Kenyans have awoken into a very hard reality that we are nolonger one nations. It will require good people like you Collins to stand up and be counted with sober and patriotic minds that never steep too low to a point of becoming unlearned tribalist abroad and in the country. We have a long way to go before we get back from where we started as a united cnountry.

    Posted by Sec Gen Dick Kamau | February 1, 2008, 2:43 pm

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